Ary interviews — 11 December 2011
Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri’s Interview with PJ Mir on ARY NEWS [PART 2]

Second part of Shaykh-Ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri’s exclusive interview in “Q & A with PJ Mir” on ARY News. This was aired on Sunday 11th December, 2011 at 10:05 PM.  Following is the recorded version of Interview.

Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri discusses the current polotical & electoral system of Pakistan which is corrupt !

Click here for Part 1 on the interview

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  1. May Allah Almighty shower His blessings upon Shaykh ul Islam.

  2. such a thoughtfull discussion and very vey beautiful idea, i really enjoyed listening this discussion. I personally believe that it is aplicable and practical. We only see our policitions abusing and blaming each other But this programm was worth listing. Great work PJ Meer. I am shure there are many more people like mr meer who will give this idea a go in their shows.

    Dr Qadeer kan once in a show, with great sorrw, was talking abouth how rapidly our politions were helping enemies of pakistna who had planded to devide pakistan in four countries by 2015. Our nation need such learnt people to come on tv and educate nation and give them a thought. We dont want to listen immoral politions any more whose job is to jusb abuse each other. We need schollars, thinkers policy makers to help pakistan.

    Jamat e Islami has been actively participating in elections for many years but no results. i wounder why such a great idea never came into their minds. ? Why they never talk to change the system instead.Till today they are trying to re build and re organize MMA. Strange. Are they waiting for 2015 as Dr A Q Khan pointed out the intention of enemies of paking.

    I wish our religious schollars understand and promote this idea, educate the nation, tell them who the real enemy is. SYSTEM. Let them talk about it when delivering Juma speach. Let media promote this thought to change the SYSTEM. Inshahallah