2012 Lectures Videos — 19 March 2012
“Quran and Supremacy of Prophet Muhammad PBUH” – 17 March, 2012

Title: Quran and Supremacy of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
Dated: 17 March, 2012
Place:  Somaiya Ground, Sion, Mumbai, India.

Please note that this is the live version & problems with Audio in first 10 mins due to broadcast error. Official Version will be uploaded very soon. JazakAllah

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  1. Masha Allah.
    Can anyone dare to object ?
    If still any one objects, he is objecting Quran & Sunnah.
    Long Live Shiekh ul Islam.

    Hyder Ali

  2. Mashallah,

  3. Mashallah, huzur shyakhul islam Dr.tahir ul kadari unke khitab subhanallah bahot acche the.Ab tak ka ye sabse accha topic hai. – QURAN & SUPREMACY OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD ( S.A.W ).

  4. Subhan Allah….!!!!!!!!! what a speech, i am speechless….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mujhe yeh Lecture ki DVD chahiye….!!!!! please